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Technical Writing ...

is not just creating technical "how-to" documentation.
Technical Writing encompasses the breakdown and re-formulation of your information into easily understood and assimilated chunks. Your information then becomes readily usable by its target audience.


Our philosophy is that every user (or customer) from bricklayers to accountants benefits from clearly presented information. Bad writing won't help your customer use or understand your product or services. What customers don't understand, they won't use and they certainly don't buy.

One of the chief value-adds that we bring to any writing projects is our use of a "research-based approach to the analysis, organization, and visual presentation of information. Our method is both subject matter and media independent; that is, it can be applied to the subject matter of any industry, and it can be presented on paper, on a computer screen, verbally, or in a multimedia presentation."

We carefully analyze and break down your project, reformulate your content into easily assimilated and understood chunks of information that the reader can easily comprehend and implement while carefully respecting industry-specific terms. When we're finished you may not recognize your documents, but you will recognize the improvement in usability - and we know your customers certainly will!


The following two pages show a utility operating manual in its before and after states. The manual has been retired and is no longer in use due to changes in the utility company's system; however, it serves to show the glaring difference we can make. Click on the small thumbnails to view a larger image.




Our pricing is comparable to others inside the industry subject to such factors as timeframe and our availability. We would love to discuss your project further in order to give you a more detailed estimate. We can estimate your technical writing project either as a complete package including printing, an hourly estimate based on the number of hours that we feel your job will take us to complete, or simply a flat daily rate, excluding travel costs to be reimbursed separately.



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