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It's not rocket science, but it is a science. The confusing part is that web design is also an artistic medium. Do you want a plain text-driven website or do you want a big Enterprise-wide web application. You need to decide before you contact us or any web design firm.


Our philosophy is do more with less. Let others pioneer the new technologies and we will help you build a website that does its job - connects you with your customers. We can do fancy, but we would really rather not. It breaks a lot and then you call us. . . and pay us more money. Good for us, bad for you! We want you to be happy when you look at your site, not wondering what when wrong. That said, we want to make sure you heard us correctly - we can do everything the standard customer requires - shopping carts, mailing lists, databases, ecommerce, media streaming, etc., using technologies such as ASP, .NET, multimedia, Flash. We're just going to try to take advantage of tried and true technologies - something we're both going to be happy with.

Here's our five point method for success:

1. Plan your site before you begin.

Decide what content you want on the site before you even talk to anyone.

2. Set your budget.

Do your research. Look around the web, find sites that you like - and if they have a link to the creator of the site - follow it and get an idea of their prices.

3. E-commerce vs. Informational

Do you want to sell something? Chances are you do, but how much do you have to sell to make your web site pay for itself? Do you just want to get customers in your store?

4. Make sure your site looks professional!

A poor web presence is worse than no web presence. If your site gives the impression that your business is poorly run, do you really think the web site is going to bring customers in the doors? Spell check!

5. Target your audience!

Make sure the design appeals to the people that you intend to do business with - be aware of cultural messages. Flaunt them at your peril.



Small Business




It's hard to give you a price when we don't know what you want; however, here's a basic site quote: seven pages, three images per page and content, submission to more than search 25 search engines - $500. We host it - $30 per month with a maximum of 4 updates per month. If you want more specifics, contact us. If you want a shopping cart, a database, a mailing list, an events calendar, etc., it will probably cost more. Know what you want before you shop, it will save you money in the long run.






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